About Me

Hello, I'm Larry Fox, the owner of Fox Photographics and Yearbooks. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about my company.

In 1994, Larry Fox of Fox Photographics, Hinton, WV, began printing school yearbooks in-house. At that moment, the business began changing dramatically. No longer was Fox Photographics just a school picture company; it was now a publisher. Digital production was a necessity on the publishing side, and that eventually spilled over onto the school picture side. Eventually, the entire work-flow was digital, from image capture to yearbook production.

Fox, a born photographer who had his own black-and-white darkroom at age 12, founded the lab 20 years ago, although other partners were involved along the way. In the early 1990s, Fox did wholesale processing for an ex-partner, then began building the schools on his own. Fox also sold yearbooks; but in 1994, he purchased a one-color press and began printing black-and-white books in-house, with perhaps 15 accounts. A two-color press and digital publishing was next, and scarcely 6 years later, the company grew from one 2-color press to two 2-color presses and installed the Heidelberg four-color press at the end of 1999. Fox currently has upgraded to several digital printing presses, and continues to grow yearly.

With the implimentation of the Bookbuilderpro, for online yearbook building, the door is wide open for us to become more proficient in the yearbook business for years to come. We are always striving to become better, be more than what we are as a company. We don't want to be the biggest company in West Virginia, we want to be the best.


It’s not just luck and digital-savvy employees that have made Fox Photographics and Yearbooks a leader in the school market. Rather, it’s hard work and time spent researching and exploring technology. We are fortunate, but the learning curve never ends and if you don’t stay on top of it, you’re going to fall behind. We feel, for a company our size, we’re ahead of the game.

My Equipment

They say the equipment makes the man, I'm a firm believer in technology.

Sony, Nikon, Cannon are the cameras we use, coupled with our own, in house written, camera software, FOX SHOT. We have incorporated various phases of equipment and combinations throught the years. I don't have a prefrence, I think each job is different and therefore requires multiple phases of equipment.